Malaysian Trip Generation Manual (MyTripGen)

1st MyTripGen Web Portal

Malaysian Trip Generation Manual (MyTripGen) 2020 Web Portal is the first web-based portal for MyTripGen that is being made available for public access as a reference to obtain the regression line equation or trip generation projection for any land use. The portal can then generate a report for the user accordingly.

MyTripGen 2020 Land Use Categories

MyTripGen 2020 land use categories have taken into account new development trends such as Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) and mixed-use development and aligned with the PLANMalaysia Manual GIS 2.0.

MyTripGen 2020 Special Data

There are two (2) Independent types of Trip Generation in MyTripGen 2020, where they are based on MyTripGen 2010 Data and Pandemic Covid-19 Data.

Trip Calculator

The trip generation calculator to automate the calculation of projected trip generation based on the regression line of selected land use and the user input value for the independent variable.